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Door & Window Fittings Hardware FAQ

Door & Window Fittings Hardware FAQ

DOOR HARDWARE - Door Knockers - Mounting

Question: How are door knockers mounted?
Answer: They are mounted using bolts that go through the door and thread into the back of the door knocker to secure it to the door.

DOOR HARDWARE - Door Stops - Projection
Question: Does the projection of a door stop include the screw?
Answer: No, the projection does not include the screw and would be the total length when installed.

DOOR HARDWARE - Kick Plate Sizes - Special Orders
Question: Do you have other sizes of kick plates other than the sizes listed on your website?
Answer: We can special order kick plates in any size you need. Give us a call for pricing and lead time.

DOOR HARDWARE - Locks and Latches - Backset
QUESTION: What does backset mean?
ANSWER: The backset is the measurement, on a lock or latch, between the center of the spindle hub and the front of the face plate.

DOOR HARDWARE - Rim Locks - Handing
Question: Are the rim locks reversible or are there left and right handed versions?
Answer: The rim locks are reversible unless otherwise specified so they can be used on either right or left handed doors. To reverse handing, simply remove single screw in the case and flip over the latch bolt.

GENERAL - Can't Find A Product On The Website?
QUESTION: Do you have more items than what you show on your website?
ANSWER: There are many items that are readily available to us that we have not added to our website yet and many other products that we can order from other manufacturers. Give us a call or e-mail us with your specific hardware needs.

GENERAL - Forged, Extruded, Cast and Lost Wax Cast
Question: What is the difference between forged, extruded, cast and lost wax cast brass?
Answer: These are all different methods of forming brass into a particular shape. Forged and extruded are made from a single piece of metal and are the strongest. Cast brass is made by pouring molten metal into a mold and is usually used for decorative pieces. Lost wax cast is used for very detailed decorative pieces and is made using wax molds.

STAIR HARDWARE - Carpet Rods - Length Options
Question: Can I order the carpet rods in lengths other than what is specified online?
Answer: We can have the rods cut to your specific length but they are no longer returnable in the event that the measurement specified is incorrect. We recommend that you cut the rods yourself so as to be sure you have the measurements right.